The King of Shovel: Chinese Military Shovel WJQ-308
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Product Introduction:

•Combine 18 functions which makes a real miracle.
•Combine the functions of digging, sawing, chopping, cutting, picking, prying, hammering and measuring perfectly.
•More functions, less weight. Save your strength and time which reflects humanity.
•Fine materials and good craft, further more, 268 process procedures and 48 inspections, make a perfect quality.
•This product is widely used for single soldier, auto equipment, driving and camping.
•Wenchuan earthquake in China in 2008,Widely used by rescue army.


•Model: WJQ-308.
•GW:1.5 kg.
•NW:1.0 kg.
•Hardness (work unit): HRC47-51.
•Size:(Folded state):15.7"
•Size(Stretch state): 23"